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What’s it all about?


When your best friends run (headfirst) into trouble, snags a paw, or gulps up something they shouldn’t have, we’ll be there to help pick up the cost of their care.


When the average cost of medical treatments can add up over a cat or dog's lifetime, we reckon we're a pretty good pal to have on your side. Especially in a pinch!


Great coverage, no matter the budget

  1. Varying coverage options for all budgets (including a 100% reimbursement option);
  2. Up to a 15% discount;
  3. Keeping it simple, there are a lot of options to choose from but we make it easy for you to choose any vet and submit claims online.


No need to worry about which plan to pick. Plus, as an association member, you may get up to 15% off!
You just need to tweak the limit, co-pay and deductible to suit you, and we’ll cover pretty much any problem your pet has while covered.


We can pay back up to 100% of each claim, and our plans are backed up by Zurich American Insurance Company and American Zurich Insurance Company – so you know you’re in safe hands.


What’s covered?

Treatment for accidents and illnesses, chronic conditions, swallowed objects and more – plus the cost of prescription medicines to get your pet on the road to recovery.


And if you take out our optional wellness plan, we’ll help you pay for routine care like vaccinations and check-ups throughout the year.

How do I make a claim?


Once your plan is up and running, making a claim is easy.

How to Enroll


Grab your quote in just a few minutes and go, go, go.



Want to know more?


No problem. We’ve answered some of the most common questions we get asked below.

  • Who can take out a plan?

    Anyone with a cat or a dog. It’ll just take a few minutes to get your quote.
    Sorry, but we don’t cover birds, lizards, or any other pets.

  • How much does it cost?

    As an association member, you are off to a great start with up to 15% off. And the cost depends on things like your animal’s breed and where you live. When you get a quote, we’ll ask a few questions and tell you exactly how much you’ll pay each month. 

  • What are the plan limits?

    You get to pick your own annual limit: $4,000, $8,000, or $15,000.
    Or you can choose a plan with unlimited cover, which means you won’t have to worry about ‘running out’ of coverage in an emergency. 

  • I’d like to know a bit more about your wellness plan

    Sure! With this in place, you’ll pay a fixed amount every month, and then you can claim up to $750 a year towards everyday care for your pet, to help you budget it out across the year. Just to be clear, it’s for care related to your pet’s health, not things like grooming or dog-walking. 

  • When can I enroll?

    Whenever you (and your pet) are ready.

  • What if my cat or dog has a problem today?

    You can still take out a plan, but any illnesses or injuries your pet has had in the past won’t be covered. No pet insurer covers these ‘pre-existing conditions’, but unrelated conditions in the future would be covered. And you don’t have to tell us about pre-existing conditions when you sign up. 

  • Do I have to use certain vets?

    Nope. Pick whoever you like, in whichever state you like, so long as they’re fully licensed. 

  • Do I need to ask before I go to the vet?

    Just go for it – there’s no need to ask us first. Just remember to keep a copy of their bill somewhere safe so that you can make a claim later on.

  • How long does it take to pay claims?

    We pay most claims within 10 working days. If there are any delays, or we need more information, we always do our best to keep you in the loop and make sure things are moving along.

  • What if I move jobs, or stop working?

    So long as you keep paying, your plan won’t stop or change – unless the laws in your region say otherwise.

  • Will my plan end once my pet gets to a certain age?

    No. We think they’re all great, and there’s no way we’d drop a pet based just on their age.

  • Do I need to show you my pet’s medical records for a quote?

    Absolutely not. We don’t want to make you do any extra legwork. 

  • What’s not covered?

    The main things which aren’t covered are hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament problems. In the first 12 months of your pet’s plan, these aren’t covered – but after that, they’re covered like any other condition. 

    Pre-existing conditions – conditions your pet has when the plan is taken out, or has had in the past – also aren’t covered. 

  • I don’t know my pet’s age…

    If you’ve got a bit of a mystery on your hands, that’s OK. We know it’s hard to tell if you’ve adopted a pet, and we don’t want to leave anyone out. A vet will be able to examine your pet and give you a good idea of their age. And we’ll be happy to go with what they say.

  • What happens at renewal?

    Plans renew each year, and we’ll remind you a little while before yours does. So long as your payment details haven’t changed, we’ll carry on taking payments, and you won’t need to do anything else. 

  • And what if I need a hand with something?

    Just give us a call. Our dedicated Pet Advisors are always ready to help you out, with whatever’s going on.

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